18 Students Travel to South Korea for Three Weeks

Study Abroad in South Korea Summer 2018


rooklyn College’s Media Production and Cultural Studies in South Korea provides students the opportunity to work in a great range of production techniques and tools of the medium, including, electronic media production theory, shooting on-location, computers graphics, audio, and post production.

This program aims to broaden the students’ thought patterns and enhance their production abilities by comparing a specific area of interest in both Seoul and New York City. Studying abroad in Korea gives students a new canvas to produce their films in a Korean setting along with getting the chance to work with and make friends with Korean students by working in small groups, giving them a better opportunity to get to know each other.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to take a 3-day side trip to Tokyo. Students will not only explore the diversity of South Korea but also be able to document and create a story of their experience. Not only does this program allow for practice in production skills, but it also emphasizes the importance of an international view and builds a foundation for long-lasting connections and friendships.

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