Assistant Professor

    Mobina Hashmi is an Assistant professor at Television and Radio at Brooklyn College. She has a BA in film and computer science from Dartmouth College (1996), and a Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Wisconsin at Madison (2006). She is one of the editors of the forthcoming anthology Think/Point/Shoot: Media Ethics, Technology and Global Change (Routledge, 2017) and is working on a book, Work and Television in Global America, that analyzes how U.S. television programming negotiates the impact of labor globalization on the raced, gendered, and classed hierarchies of citizenship. A second research project is an analysis of the formation of television news publics in Pakistan. Her work has been published in Economic and Political Weekly and in South Asian History and Culture. Her teaching interests include media criticism, media history, representations of gender and sexuality in the media, global media, and new media.

    • Office: 405 A
    • Phone: 718-951-5600 ext. 1961
    • Please contact Professor Hashmi directly for appointments.
      Email : mhashmi@brooklyn.cuny.edu .