MS Graduate Deputy Chair

and Assistant Professor

    MJ Robinson is an assistant professor of new media and convergent journalism and the Graduate Deputy Chair of the M.S. in Media Studies in the Department of Television and Radio at Brooklyn College, CUNY (City University of New York) Her research focuses on the challenges facing the contemporary television industry/ies, their responses to the digital distribution explosion and participatory culture made possible by Web2.0 and the history of municipal and public broadcasting in the United States, most specifically in New York City. She has previously worked in international co-production and financing for the Law & Order television franchise and as a motion picture archivist, curating and preserving the WNYC-TV newsfilm collection at the Municipal Archives of the City of New York. In her forthcoming book Television on Demand: Curatorial Culture and the Transformation of TV (Bloomsbury, 2017); Robinson theorizes what she calls “curatorial culture” – our current state of media consumption -- which is transforming television from a mass medium to a niche medium due to a shift in scarcity from a limited amount of available media to a limited amount of time and attention viewers are able or inclined to devote to consuming media.