Internship Opportunites

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Program Description

An internship gives you the opportunity to earn college credits for an applied education in the working world. You “work” for a studio or producer applying the instruction you have learned in the classroom.
Cooperating employers sometimes make available entry-level positions to qualified students. The employer evaluates the student’s work, and the college recognizes the achievement with college credits.

An internship helps you test your interest in a particular job area, improve your skills, or show you have the skills to get a job. It also gives the employer a way to “audition” you for a permanent position.
When you finish your degree and look for that first job, your internship is the answer to the question of “What experiences do you have?”

Internships are a good way to test a job without having to quit (or be dismissed) if it does not meet your needs. You will learn how to commute to a job. You will experience the social and political life in an office. You will learn to dress and behave, and how to balance your needs with the job’s requirements. It is a good place to learn to deal with supervisors and co-workers. You will start to build a network of job contacts.

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For TVRA 4176 and TVRA 4177

  • Complete 12 credits in TV/R (including a production class)
  • Have senior standing (90+ credits)

  • Review your academic record for grade requirements:

  • At least 2.7 GPA over-all
  • At least 3.0 GPA in TV/Radio

  • Select, apply, get chosen for internship
  • Fill out the Internship application form
  • Get description of your internship duties
  • Register for TVRA 4176 or 4177
  • Attend the Colloquium meetings
  • Complete the work required
  • Submit required paper at end of semester

  • For questions and advisement please contact:
    Professor George Rodman, Ph.D.